Re-mento / Accumulation Field (Allegory part I & II)
The Green Corridor
Rue de Bosnie 102, Saint-Gillis
Brussels, Belgium

All photos by Fabrice Schneider
Photo 3 contains permanent work by Sandra Lakicevic

Re-mento (selected pictures)

Collaboration with Evelyn Vanoverbeke
Residency at The Green Corridor
27.02.2024 - 03.03.2024

Re-mento / Accumulation Field (Allegory, Part I & II) is a three-part presentation consisting of a newspaper edition, auditory works and a platform. Where the newspaper and aural work were given separate titles, the platform remained untitled but served as an interconnection between the two. 

Starting from an interdisciplinary research on the Brussels periphery and urban environment, the project focuses on the physicality and metaphysical reinterpretation of geographical landmarks in the city. In which it sought the confrontation between that which is place-bound (convenientia) and that which is liberated from it (aemulatio). Here, importance was attached to considering reality not only in a spatial and comprehensible understanding, but also in the frayed edges of the two. In which the plurality of environment, form and sound were brought together and questioned in their own singularity and relation to each other.

Guided by the river Zenne (the city's original artery), the project took shape by walking along the current and original watercourse. Where during the walks, natural and architectural landmarks were documented or recorded for their historical, spatial or symbolic nature. But due to the strong absence of the river in large parts of the city, several fictional routes and allegorical landmarks came into the project.