End Of Day
Mono, Lisbon
12.05.2023 - 14.05.2023
Rua Feio Terenas 31A
Exhibition with Guillaume Ehinger

Paintings by Guillaume Ehinger
All photos by Photo Documenta

Residency at Mono Lisboa
20.03.2023 - 14.05.2023

The duo exhibition End Of Day with Guilaume Ehinger is the final presentation of the spring residency 2023 at Mono Lisboa. The five closet-shaped sculptures made during the residency focus on the collision of concept and perception, evoking ideas of embodiment. Addressing the issue of observation, documentation and understanding the sculptures act as subjective repositories for process. Wherein it questions the duality between form and intellect, specially with a particular emphasis on how our viewing is affected by cultural and spatial influences. Inspired on wardrobes and racks, the works consist of multiple segments: a main structure and a mobile component. Based on this, compositional choices within the space are made around the optically and feeling of ‘in and out’.

Display 20:08: Composite Writing: MDF, hoardboard. Of Great Or More Than Average Width: MDF, hardboard, mixed media. Take, Hold Or Deploy: MDF, hardboard, plexiglass, mixed media. Hole Quantity: MDF, hardboard, copper tube, mixed media. Arived Or Is Derived: MDF, hardboard, plexiglass, mixed media.