Nothing For Free

Pleasure Island, Ostend 

26/27.09.’20 - 3/4.10.’20

Nieuwpoorstesteenweg 133

Left to right: Juan Pablo Plazas, Aaron Daem, Juan Pablo Plazas. 

Left to right: Pommelien Koolen, Aaron Daem

Aaron Daem: Column / Exotic Arabic

Aaron Daem: zegen dit huis

Left to right: Juan Pablo Plazas, Aaron Daem, Juan Pablo Plazas, Pommelien Koolen.

Undisplayed works. 

All picture by Rémie Vanderhaegen. 


The Shelf can only be used for group exhibitions.

The Shelf is an extension of the architectural space.

The Shelf has a scenographic function.

The Shelf can hold things or can just be a thing in itself.

The Shelf is a tool to curate with.

The Shelf connects the different exhibition spaces.

The Shelf mediates a uniform presentation.

The Shelf cannot be merely linear, it can however direct the observer’s movements.

The Shelf allows a sequential reading of the relationship between the artworks.

The Shelf provides space for the presented artworks.

The Shelf is shaped in such a way that it underlines the absence of certain works.

The Shelf replaces all the non-permanent presentation modules.

The Shelf consists of one material.

The Shelf is not mobile.

The Shelf runs perpendicular on its support.

The Shelf can be adapted according to the demands of the participating artists as long

as they are conform with the script/manifest.

Participating members: Aaron Daem, Nikolaas

Demoen, Noureddine Ezarraf, Deveny Faruque,

Pommelien Koolen,Juan Pablo Plazas, Rémie

Vanderhaegen, Emile Van Helleputte.